Friday, April 8, 2011

Saturday 2nd April - The Axumites and Bronzehead

24. See a band I have never heard of

Ok so this one I kind of stumbled upon. My housemates cousins boyfriend plays in a band called Bronzehead, so when she invited me to see them play live I realised I could also cross something off my list! 

When I formulated this one, its purpose  was for me to go out and see an unheard of band to try something new. Never did I think I would be going to see a mighty 11-piece afrobeat band! 

This is not my style of music, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself!! Check out the venue - it felt like we were in some grannies house:

Friday, April 1, 2011

List Update

  1. Sail the Greek Islands
  2. Do a fun run - wheels in motion
  3. Watch an entire season of Seinfeld (I hate that show)
  4. Ride a hot air balloon through Cappadocia
  5.  Be adventurous with food
  6. Work (preferably paid) for a development NGO
  7.  Go sky-diving
  8. Read Don Quixote from cover to cover
  9. Follow an English Premier League team
  10. See Radiohead and/or Thom Yorke play live
  11. See a psychic
  12. Use a bicycle as a mode of transport
  13. Appreciate wine
  14. Try yoga
  15. Go to a dubstep club
  16. Have a Turkish bath in Istanbul (and eat lots and lots of Gozleme)
  17. Find some Banksy graff
  18. Ride on the tallest ferris wheel in Europe
  19. Watch a sunrise (on purpose, not following a late night)
  20. Go to a European music festival
  21. Draw a picture (and try to make it good)
  22. Tick off the top ten of IMDB’s top 100 movies of all time
  23.  Learn how to cook a roast dinner
  24. Go and see a band I have never heard of
  25. Make a blog about my effort

And so the Seinfeld marathon is over and I'm left feeling empty...

Nine Things I learnt from Seinfeld:
- it was a very dark time when high waisted jeans on men were popular
- it is really fun to imitate the Seinfeld song by smacking your lips
- there is something oddly hot about Jerry Seinfeld circa 1989
- removing canned laughter from Tv sitcoms was a positive development in modern comedy
- slapstick comedy is not funny. Yes Kramer, I'm looking at you
- I'm definitely Generation Y. I do not really care about the mundane comings and goings of your life. I stand in my own queues and I am not overly interested in watching you do the same. Show me something SHINY!
- lock your doors: front door policy should not be so laissez-faire. Doors were invented to keep your neighbours out
- I am happy the Euromullet is now facing extinction
- Seinfeld is not a quotable show. People will not laugh when you recall a scene from Seinfeld.

I have to say, considering I could never bear to sit through a single episode while it was on TV, it was on the whole a fairly enjoyable experience. I can fully understand the appreciate what Seinfeld is about, although I probably won't be buying any more of it to watch on dvd, nor will I probably ever sit down and watch the box set again. But I will miss tucking in to bed and having a reliable episode waiting for me at the end of a hard day!